This man took social distancing to another level

social distancing
Stay away! Keep a safe distance!Photo credit: Facebook

A man in Nerja seems to have the answer to worry-free social distancing at the beach. He created his own ‘little zone’ to keep people away.

THE new normality in Spain requires 1.5 metres social distancing and people are trying their best to follow rules. But when going to the beach these rules are difficult to maintain, especially during busy summer days.

This man in Nerja decided to make the social distancing thing quite obvious. He built his little fort, with a mast umbrella in the middle, to signal his territory.


The modern Age of Empires seemed quite efficient as no one came close to his imaginary kingdom. As he fell asleep in the scorching heat, maybe he dreamed about his little empire of social distancing and how it could be improved.

Looking at it, this idea seems really ingenious and if everyone would follow his lead, soon we’ll see little islands in the sand with people minding their own businesses whilst social distancing.

Taking things a little bit further, people could become creative and build higher sand walls, decorate them and even have competitions. Beaches would look quite cool, don’t you think?

What do you think of his idea?

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