Surfs up in Orihuela as a dedicated area for surfing is made in Cala Cerrada

surfing area
SURFS UP: New surf area in Orihuela. CREDIT: AytoOrihuela

Surfs up in Orihuela as the Department of Beaches sets up a dedicated surf area for those that enjoy riding the waves.

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A DESIGNATED area in Cala Cerrada, which is the only beach on the Oriolano coast that, according to experts, has the optimal conditions and characteristics for surfing, was chosen in a collaboration with a group of surfers who practice this sport on the Oriolano coast.

The decision to make a specific area available to practice the sport, was announced by Ramón López, Orihuela’s Beaches and Residents Security Councillor, who stated “with this action we regulate the practice of this water sport while guaranteeing the safety of bathers.”

Access to the cove in Cala Cerrada has an information panel displaying the following rules:

  • Surf in the high season (from June 15 to September 15) can only be accessed until 10am and again from 8pm.
  • Free time for the rest of the year, as long as it is carried out with the total absence of other users and/ or bathers, if the cove is not marked and marked.
  • Any surfer who intends to practice surfing must hold a license issued by the competent federation for this nautical-sports modality.

“Orihuela can become a benchmark for surf tourism because there are weather components that allow practicing it throughout the year,” concluded Ramón López.

This is another great step to regaining tourism within the area and will be a positive addition to sporting activities that participants will travel to see, and take part in.

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