Protestor shot in the head in Kenosha Riots

Kenosha Riots

A PROTESTOR has been shot in the head in Kenosha, Wisconsin, amidst the violent protests that have broken out in response to the police shooting of 29-year-old, Jacob Blake.

Several other protestors have been seriously wounded in a range of separate incidents during the protests which have raged on for a number of days.

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Social media has been flooded with videos of the protest and the subsequent violence that has followed. Videos show a man lying on the ground, shirtless, with a gunshot wound on the side of his head.

A number of bystanders have claimed that the shooter, an armed local, was trying to protect businesses from rioting, looters, and stop them from being burned to the ground. Other bystanders were seen to attend to the victim, wrapping clothing around his head and taking him to a nearby vehicle where he was subsequently transported to hospital.

This is the third night where local protestors have clashed with law enforcement in an increasingly violent protest which has been compared as akin to a war zone.

There have been multiple other incidents of armed protests with one man opening fire in the streets after being pursued by protestors.

The New York Times has reported that, so far, three people have been shot with one fatality. National Guard presence has been doubled from 125 to 250 in an attempt to curtail the unrest. This comes as Melanie Trump called for racial unity within the US.


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