New lake oxygenation system means water and energy savings in Murcia

lake oxygenation system
SAVINGS: Energy and money savings promised with new system. CREDIT: Jong Marshes/ Unsplash

In another savings scheme by Murcia City Council, a new lake oxygenation system is being installed in the municipality.

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AFTER a summer of cleaning the lakes and water sources in the municipality, which saw 6,000 water treatments carried out, sees the installation of the new lake oxygenation system that allows the water to have a faster circulation path, preventing it from stagnating, reducing the appearance of insects such as mosquitoes and improving the visual aspect of these areas.

“The objective of the water treatments in the lakes and fountains is to maintain the optimum level of quality for the neighbours and visitors who contemplate them daily, as well as for the animals that inhabit them. Our commitment is that Murcians can enjoy the outdoors of the green areas of the municipality,” explains José Guillén, head of the Department of Urban Development and Modernisation.

The new system fitted by the City Council has submersible pumps and self-priming pumps, which are set to serve two functions; the movement of the water mass and its oxygenation and saving energy in the lakes.

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