Intense heat to give way to much cooler temperatures

Intense heat gives way to much cooler temperatures

AFTER weeks of intense heat waves and sweltering temperatures in Spain, the atmosphere is set to change and give way this weekend to much cooler temperatures.

A Polar mass that is shifting north will see the humid autumn weather swiftly turn this weekend. Certain areas of the country could even see snow as well as rain.

This long-awaited drop in temperature is expected to start on Thursday and continue through into the weekend, when it’s full effect will be felt.


It is reported that temperatures on Saturday may even fall by 10-15 degrees in northern areas of the country. These areas are expected to see sudden changes with a large amount of rainfall.

Other areas are not expected to escape the sudden change and having an umbrella close to hand is recommended across Spain.

While low land areas should expect to see varying levels of rainfall, higher ground should expect to see their first snowfall of the year, specifically across the Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees.

It will be a rapid and sudden change from the extreme temperatures that have graced Spain over the past month so best check you have something in addition to the shorts and sandals to wear.

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