Astonished parents hear baby speak at 8 WEEKS OLD!

Charlie-John Taylor-Mullington

ASTONISHED parents hear baby Charlie-John Taylor-Mullington speak, repeating the word ‘Hello’ at just eight weeks old.

The UK infant’s parents, Caroline, 37, and Nick, 36, were left flabbergasted after Charlie-John replied to his father’s greeting by repeating him. As evident in the video below, the child struggled to form the word to begin with however soon managed to string the syllables together.

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Normally, infants start to understand basic words and short phrases at the age of nine months followed by simple baby-talk, such as Mama or Dada, at around 12-18 months. This is inevitably followed by more complex words and phrases as the child grows, develops and interacts with other children. However, Charlie-John Taylor-Mullington appears to be grasping the more complex language processes earlier than his peers.

You can see the delightful exchange in the video below, which was filmed on Caroline’s phone:

Caroline said “’Charlie was saying ‘Hello’ back a few times and we just decided to film it as we couldn’t believe he was really talking.”

Nick added “It was a shock, to say the least! … We couldn’t believe what had just happened. I’m one proud daddy!”

While he is a long way off from the debate team, we can all agree this is an accomplished feat for such a youngster.

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