Thief surprised at Mallorca station with spoils from school break-in

Holiday home break-ins arrest
SIMILAR CRIMES: In most cases the robber forced open a door or window and took jewellery, cash and electronic devices CREDIT: Shutterstock

GUARDIA CIVL surprised a thief at Inca station with the spoils from a break-in at the Sineu Institute just hours earlier, Spanish press report.

The 48-year-old suspected robber was allegedly carrying electronic items such as tablets and a large set of speakers when officers caught up him with him early on Saturday morning.

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The reports say someone had forced their way into the Sineu secondary school in the early hours. The alarm went off, alerting the school authorities, the school principal reporting the theft of the electronic devices to the Guardia.

Guardia officers went to take a look at the scene of the break-in and got Criminology Laboratory experts out to check for prints.

They also checked footage from security cameras to see whether they’d picked up any images of the robber to help in the identification process.

But just a short time later at around 8am an Inca station security guard got in touch with the Guardia after spotting an individual on the platform who appeared to be acting suspiciously, and clearly with several electronic devices in his possession.

A patrol headed straight there. Sure enough the items seemed to match those taken from the school.

It was also reported the individual was a regular offender.


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