Mallorca capital residents call for nighttime beach closure in face of Covid-19 surge

DEMAND: A Palma residents association wants beaches shut at night to prevent social gatherings and parties on the sand. CREDIT: Policia de Palma Twitter @policiadepalma

PALMA residents have called on the city council to close off beaches at night in the face of the increase in Covid-19 cases.

The federation wants to see the council shut off the Can Pere Antoni, Ciudad Jardin, Peñon and Playa de Palma beaches from 9pm to 8am for a fortnight to prevent social gatherings and parties on the sand.

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In a letter sent to Palma Mayor Jose Hila on Monday on Monday, the president of the Palma Residents’ Federation Joan Forteza claimed there is an “evident” lack of responsibility on the part of some residents.

Forteza was quite critical of the city administration, maintaining it had not implemented effective enough steps to control the spread of the virus and demanding “clearer, more forceful and more restrictive” measures.

He also believes the council should approve an urgent decree setting out the action protocol for municipal police in controlling public spaces, and particularly in relation to bars and terraces.

The federation further expresses the view these two measures should be accompanied by a cleaning and disinfection campaign in the city streets and plazas.


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