Alleged rape victim of Tory MP calls for politicians to use Parliamentary privilege to identity him

PARLIAMENTARY PRIVILEGE: Alleged victim wants MPs to name the minister before Parliament returns. CREDIT: Publicdomainpictures

A woman who claims she was raped by a Tory MP wants him to be named when Parliament returns after a summer break next week.

THE alleged victim, in her 20s, is calling on politicians to use Parliamentary privilege to publicly identify the former minister who is currently on bail after being arrested earlier this month following allegations of rape and sexual assault in four separate incidents.

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A friend of the woman told the Daily Mail last night that the former Commons researcher is only “going down this route” because of a lack of action by the Conservative party, which has refused to suspend the MP.

The friend told the publication that he should not “under any circumstances be allowed to meet constituents,” adding he has been arrested for a “serious offence” and it’s “a public safety issue.”

However, the accused MP’s allies claim identifying him would risk identifying the alleged victim, though she refutes this.

In the past, Parliamentary privilege has been used by MPs to name high-profile individuals accused of misconduct.

In a statement to the House of Lords in October 2018, Lord Hain said that it was “his duty under parliamentary privilege” to name Topshop boss Sir Philip Green as the businessman who got a privacy injunction to stop the press from printing allegations of sexual harassment and bullying.


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