Things May Be Looking Up for the Mijas Donkeys

Mijas donkeys
One of the donkeys has a visitor Credit: Muffin flickr

MUCH has been written about the plight of the Mijas Donkeys over the years with not a huge amount being achieved, but Mijas Councillor Bill Anderson has reported on his Council Work Facebook page that there seems to be breakthrough.

He visited Mijas Pueblo and met up with Katy Darlow who created the Mijas Donkey Movement Project, a not for profit organisation which is dedicated to checking the general health and welfare of the 69 donkeys there.

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She had obtained agreement from the donkey owners to bring an equine veterinarian to check on their health and it appears that having examined the first 30 they seem to be in a reasonably good condition and the vet will be giving advice on how to further enhance their conditions.

The Councillor reported that the owners appeared happy to cooperate and indicated that they would consider implementing any recommendations that may be made.


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