Emergency action needed

Emergency action needed
Nurses from Hospital Costa Del Sol protest working conditions

EMERGENCY workers protest at Hospital Costa del Sol, Marbella.

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The hospital belongs to the four health districts of Andalucia with the highest number of Covid-19 cases, the workers highlight that “in this hospital, there is a lack of staff and space to care for patients”.

“We believe that things are not being done well”, they point out in a statement sent to the press that “In the first wave, both professionals and managers faced an unknown situation and it was improvised, endangering both residents and workers.”

They claim they are “worried” due to numbers of infected patients “only going up” and decision-making by those responsible “is not up to par, late and based on theory”.

They explain that they are seeing the emergency room collapse and are forced to care for patients in “undesirable conditions.” According to them, they are “overcrowded” and the safety distances recommended by the Ministry of Health are not kept.

Given that this increase in cases “has only just begun”, they have decided to “educate the health authorities that they have to move quickly”.

The workers who support the protests explain they want to work “with total and absolute safety.” The staff also ensures that there has been no screening among professionals to detect if there are asymptomatic cases.

Nurses from Hospital Costa Del Sol protest working conditions


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