Thieves drug and kidnap pensioner on street of Costa Almeria resort

ALLEGATIONS: The victim reportedly underwent tests at the Torrecardenas hospital to check whether she’d been injected with a drug which causes drowsiness CREDIT: Hospital Universitario Torrecardenas Facebook @TorrecardenasHU

THIEVES drugged a pensioner on a Roquetas de Mar street and kidnapped her for several hours to steal cash and jewellery, according to Spanish press.

The Voz de Almeria newspaper reported that the 70-year old woman’s family allege she was on her way back home from the beach last Thursday morning when a young man went up behind her and injected her in the elbow with scopolamine, a drug used to treat conditions including nausea and motion sickness, with drowsiness a common side-effect.

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The family claims the victim remembers finding herself in a car with the man and two women. They allegedly took her to a nearby bank where they made her take out €1,500 on her credit card, then to her home, where they stole all her jewellery, and finally to a supermarket, where the thieves made a purchase and let her go.

The report goes on to say that the 70 year-old, although completely disorientated, managed to make it to her sister’s home.

Also that the pensioner subsequently underwent a series of tests in Almeria’s Torrecardenas hospital to check whether she had been injected with scopolamine before the family reported the alleged ordeal to the Guardia Civil.


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