Battlements skirmish continues in Javea

NEW LOOK: Battlements on Sant Bertomeu church Photo credit: Javea town hall

THE architect responsible for adding battlements to Javea’s Sant Bertomeu church tower recently answered his critics. 

Salvador Vila Ferrer, directing emergency repairs to the 16th century fortress-church, insisted he found “traces” of former battlements while carrying out investigations prior to starting work. 

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“Naturally, I respect all opinions,” he told a Spanish interviewer.  “They are valid and enriching.  But I am obliged to do my best for the building.”  

The architect argued that his crenellations “improve the tower from an aesthetic and structural point of view.” 

They would also have a functional use, Vila announced, as the tower will eventually be open to the public. 

The architect claimed the battlements would look less “discordant” once the scaffolding was removed. 

“I am convinced that opinions will be more favourable,” he declared. 

“The parish is giving the town a wonderful present. 

Writer Pepa Guardiola, a member of the Municipal Culture Committee, maintained that the additions have spoilt an iconic image. 

“We prefer a tower that guards and looks after us,” she said. “Those battlements give the tower a fierce and bellicose look,” she pointed out.


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