Legally speaking: Community annoyances- by David Searl

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THIS week, David Searl answers two questions regarding community issues.

Q: What can our community president or administrator do to stop a car owner on a neighbouring community from parking in our parking spaces? The offender thinks he can park there when the space is unoccupied. It saves them from parking in the street or in their own underground parking area. The spaces are clearly marked as private. Polite notices put on the windscreen are ignored.

M T (by email)


A: If friendly persuasion has no effect it will be necessary to take firmer measures, even if they cause inconvenience. The simplest is to put a chain and lock across each space with a key for the owner. The police will not order the offending vehicle towed away from private property without more serious cause.

Q: Can washing lines full of washing be on display at street level within a community? Does this issue have to be placed on the Agenda at the AGM?

J T (by email)

A: Most communities prohibit displays of laundry in their internal rules. If yours does not, then put it on the agenda for the AGM and a community vote.

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