Bullfights in Spain’s Costa del Sol, Huelva and Sevilla Denounced as “Attacks Against Public Health”

Bullfight: No Security Measures Credit: Twitter @veganoyo

Spain’s Animal Rights Party (PACMA) has denounced the bullfights that took place in Huelva, Osuna and the Costa del Sol for committing “attacks against public health.” Many images of these bullfights went viral for their lack of security measures such as face masks and social distancing.

PACMA has officially presented three complaints to the sub-delegations of the regional governments in Malaga, Sevilla and Huelva due to the lack of preventative measures which are a legal requirement during the coronavirus crisis. The bullfights that took place in Osuna, Estepona and Huelva at the beginning of August have been branded as an “attack on public health” due to the close proximity of attendants and lack of security measures.

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The animal rights party have argued that “despite the fact that much of Spain’s cultural activity remains paralysed, the administrations continue to yield to the pressure of the bullfighting sector” and fund their dying practice.

On August 1, two bullfights took place, one in Osuna (Sevilla) and Estepona (Malaga) and on August 2 another one took place in Huelva. “In the three events, the measures of social distancing and the use of masks were clearly violated, as well as the maximum capacity of the venues allowed to carry out any type of activity safely and avoid the spread of Covid-19,” said PACMA.

For these reasons, PACMA has requested that the organisers and promoters of these events be punished for “having deliberately risked the health of those attending the bullfight and of all the people who have been in contact with attendees in the following days.”



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