Woman Arrested in Spain’s Tenerife for Fleeing with Daughter from the US

LANZAROTE: Flamingo beach Credit: shutterstock

OFFICERS in Spain’s Tenerife have arrested an Australian woman who was wanted by the US authorities for fleeing America with her youngest daughter. The detainee left the States around a year ago and therefore she has been accused of child abduction.

The Organised Crime Group and the National Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife have worked together to arrest the woman who was hiding in Tenerife. The arrest occurred after American authorities informed the National Police that the woman had fled the country with her daughter after divorcing from her husband.

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The woman had abducted her own child around a year ago after the divorce and travelled from the US down to Mexico, then to Bogota (Colombia) and finally to Madrid (Spain) which is where they lost trace of her. Interpol had subsequently issued a warrant for her arrest.

The officers then launched an investigation to locate the fugitive and her daughter which brought them to the Island of Lanzarote. Arresting the woman was no easy task as she lived in urbanisation which was rather difficult to access, as it is exclusive to residents. One day the woman and her child left the property in a vehicle and after their identification, the police arrested the woman and took her daughter to the Local Police Station.


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