Well-used Roquetas rural roads earmarked for improvements

STRATEGIC: The roads selected for upgrades provide access to farms and communication between residential zones CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Roquetas de Mar Facebook @AytoRoquetas

EIGHT well-used rural roads in Roquetas de Mar are earmarked for improvements under a plan with more than €500,000 of Almeria provincial council funding.

Unveiling the details, Roquetas councillor Rocio Sanchez explained the roads in questions are in various different districts of the municipality, including El Solanillo and Aguadulce, and have been selected for upgrades on the basis of their importance for both the agricultural sector and for residents.

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“As you can see, these are strategic roads, most of which not only give access to farms, but which are used as a connection between residential areas”, Sanchez commented.

She also underlined the “importance of collaboration between institutions” on projects of this kind.

“Thanks to the Diputacion de Almeria’s Road Plan Roquetas de Mar is going to receive an important investment which will mean better accessibility, communication and safety on rural lanes”, she affirmed.

The improvements will include cleaning out and creating ditches and rainfall drainage and resurfacing.


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