“The Situation is Truly Delicate”: Belgium Now Advises Against Travel to Spain

Red Zone: Belgium Considers Several Areas of Spain to be Risk Zones Credit: Twitter lalibrebe

BELGIUM is the latest European country to advise against travelling to Spain as the federal committee of experts from the Belgian Health Service claim that the “situation is truly delicate.”

Steven Van Gucht, a virologist and member of the evaluative team which establishes the travel recommendations for the Foreign Ministry in Belgium has affirmed that there is “great concern” regarding the evolution of the coronavirus crisis in Spain. Van Gucht stresses that “the rate of incidence is increasing almost everywhere, and more territories are moving into the ‘orange and red zones’” as the “measures” adopted are not strict enough.

The Basque Country, Aragon and Catalonia have been highlighted as regions in which the situation is most complicated. However, Madrid has also been noted due to its high incidence rate which is “double” the one registered in Brussels.


For now, Belgium has created a ‘red risk’ list which includes the communities of Aragon, Navarra, Soria, Lleida, Barcelona and Vizcaya. Travellers returning from the regions listed as ‘red zones’ must quarantine and undergo a medical test. However, those returning from an ‘orange zone’ must simply quarantine.

The travel restrictions from Belgium come as another heavy blow for Spain’s tourism industry as the country is the second favourite destination for Belgians. Last year, around 1.6 million holidays, lasting four days or longer, were registered amongst the Belgian population.


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