Moroccan Government Removes EUR1 Rights from Manufacturers in Spanish African Enclave

A view of Melilla Credit: Miguel CC

A MOROCCAN News Agency, quoting information published in Spanish newspaper El Confidencial has reported that goods from Melilla are no longer to be considered as coming from a European source.

The Moroccan Government has quietly withdrawn recognition of the EUR1 Movement Certificate which confirms that goods come from a European source which means that import taxes can be charged at a higher rate.

The report suggests that companies in Melilla have tried to get round the problem by sending their goods to Almeria and then having them shipped to Morocco but this has proven to be unsuccessful.


Clearly the intention is to give Moroccan based manufacturers a financial advantage to sell their products to Morocco’s 36 million population.

The Spanish Government is criticised in this report for seemingly taking no action to try to persuade the Moroccans to reverse the decision which has apparently never been formally announced.

Tensions between the two countries have increased this year with Morocco closing land borders with both Ceuta and Melilla as well as expanding territorial water claims around parts of the Canary Islands.


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