Major drug delivery intercepted on Costa Almeria beach

Drugs seized in Malaga
CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

THREE people are under arrest after a joint Guardia Civil and Customs Agency operation frustrated an illegal delivery of 1.4 tonnes of hashish on a Costa Almeria beach.

The operation was launched after a Customs Agency aircraft picked up on a semi-rigid boat in the Alboran Sea heading for the provincial coastline, leading to the coordinated surveillance of the craft.

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When it reached the shore at the Guardia Viejas beach in El Ejido officers keeping a close eye on the location watched as a number of individuals jumped off and began loading bundles of the drug onto a waiting lorry.

That was when law enforcement stepped in.

As well as detaining three people officers seized 47 bundles of hash, 37 from the truck and 10 dropped off onto the beach.

They also seized 30 canisters of petrol which the Guardia said had been lined up to load onto the boat, but which had made a high-speed escape.

CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria


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