Five arrests over brutal attack on taxi driver and assault of passenger

OPERATION: Guardia Civil tracked down and cuffed the five suspects following an eight-month investigation CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

GUARDIA CIVIL have made five arrests for a brutal attack on a Nijar taxi driver, two of the detainees also facing charges for sexually assaulting a female passenger.

The detentions follow an eight-month investigation to track down those responsible for the violent incident last December, ending with ‘Operation Autotax.’

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The Guardia’s initial reconstruction of events established that the attackers had followed a ‘pirate’ taxi to a district of Nijar. There they set upon the driver, leaving him with significant injuries, before stealing his vehicle.

Before the woman who had been travelling in the taxi could get to her home, two of the individuals threatened her with a knife and sexually assaulted her, then made off.

According to the Guardia the aggressors went to some lengths to avoid being found by law enforcement. A Guardia press statement said they all moved away from Almeria Province and “adopted major security measures.”

Ultimately surveillance and monitoring produced results and they were all located and cuffed.


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