Watch: Spain’s Prime Minister Sanchez Leaves Church Amongst Boos from Crowd


SPAIN’S Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has left a church in Matalascañas (Huelva) amongst boos from the crowd, expressing the discontent that many citizens feel towards him. Sanchez has been on holiday since August 15 in Doñana, although he also spent some time in Palma de Mallorca and Lanzarote where he resided from August 5.

Although his agenda during his summer holidays was not public knowledge, there were several residents in the town who filmed the Prime Minister leaving a parish in San Francisco de Asis and getting into an official governmental vehicle.

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However, he did not receive a warm welcome from the population of Matalascañas as he left the parish amongst boos and animosity. Many residents were head shouting “out, out,” signalling their hostility towards the head of the government and their discontent with the management of the pandemic in Spain. However, it is true that a few of the people in the crowd greeted him with applause, albeit a significant minority.

Over the last few days, Sanchez and his family have been residing in a nearby place in Doñana called the Palacio de Marismillas. However, they attended the church to commemorate the funeral of Jose Maria Perez Ayala, a worker from Doñana and a prominent environmentalist.


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    these people laugh at the stupid slaves who wear a muzzle
    Rules don’t apply to them because those rules are stupid


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