Lesbian Couple Spark Controversy After Raffling Donor Sperm in Instagram Contest

Sperm Giveaway: YouTubers Spark Controversy

A lesbian couple has sparked controversy online after announcing they would be raffling a vial of sperm via an Instagram contest. The two women, from Nova Scotia in Canada, are prominent influencers and YouTubers, with around 22,000 followers.

They have become embroiled in an internet scandal as one of their competition or ‘giveaway’ prizes on their social media is a vial of ‘donor sperm’. Many have critiqued the couple for turning pregnancy and the creation of life into a ‘commodity’ and one fierce opposer noted, “Imagine telling your child that they came from an Instagram giveaway”.

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However, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a common practice between same-sex couples and donor sperm can cost anywhere from $500 and $1,000. The whole process of IVF is rather expensive, making it inaccessible to same-sex couples (and heterosexual couples) from lower economic backgrounds.

The YouTubers, Allie and Sam, have engaged in a promotional partnership with a fertility company as they told their follows on Sunday “We are so, so excited to be partnering with Fairfax Cryobank to (hopefully!) help one of you grow your family!”.

In order to win this vial of donor sperm, contestants must first follow the Instagram account, like their post and tag ‘as many friends as they want’ in the comments. Other people have been more supportive of the competition, arguing, “it’s probably going to be a coupon for a donor vial or the winner’s choosing. I don’t know this couple, but I don’t see the issue? Sperm is expensive and if this helps a couple’s dreams of creating a family then it’s great!”.


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