Apple making American history

Apple have led the way in cool design and have come a long way since the 1998 iMac G3

AS a company Apple has a lot to brag about – The iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Apple TV, Macbook, iMac, App store and of course, being the first US company to be worth $2 Trillion.

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Sales are up almost 60 per cent this year with the company trading at approximately $470 a share.

It took Apple just over two years after passing the $1 Trillion milestone to double up and make American history.

Amazon and Microsoft are chasing Apples tail but they still have a way to go valued at $1.6 Trillion.

The success of Apple has put CEO Tim Cook in the Billionaires club making him one of a handful of CEOs to reach that level without having started the company he leads.


Apple making history and leading the way with cool design and technology – iMac G3 1998

Credit – Twitter


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