41 Puppies on the Brink of Death are Saved from Horrendous Conditions in Spain

Animal Abuse: 41 Puppies found in a dire state Credit: Guardia Civil

A TOTAL of 41 puppies on the brink of death have been saved from the horrendous conditions they were subjected to in Spain. The Guardia Civil found these 41 dogs in Quintanar de la Orden, a municipality in Toledo (Castilla La Mancha) after SEPRONA (the Nature Protection Service) received a complaint.

The large group of dogs were left in an abandoned state with no food or real shelter. SEPRONA travelled to the farm where a couple resided and found that the dogs had no identification, microchips or any of the necessary documentation.

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Animal Abuse: Puppies showed symptoms of cachexia and dehydration.
Credit: Guardia Civil

Most of the puppies were in a terrible condition, with symptoms of cachexia and dehydration due to a worrying lack of water and food. Faced with this situation, the animal protectors ANAS, ALBA, APAP Alcalá, PROA and El Campito-salvando Peludos have collaborated to take full charge of the physical recovery of the 41 animals. Getting these poor puppies back into shape will be a difficult and time-consuming task, however, there is still hope that they make a full recovery. Once they are recovered the shelters will try and find them a loving home.

On another hand, the Guardia Civil has taken a statement from the woman who was meant to be responsible for the care of the dogs and she has already been brought to justice for the alleged crimes of animal abuse.


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