Long, hot wait in Calpe

NO SHADE: Auxiliary health centre at La Fossa beach Photo credit: Calpe town hall

OWING to distancing requirements, patients with appointments for Calpe’s auxiliary health centre must wait outside in the blazing sun. 

An awning erected in front of the entrance at the La Fossa beach centre does provide shade, but anti-Covid regulations mean there is not enough room for everyone. 

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There has also been a recent increase in patients as the Casa del Mar centre, which attends to residents from other Spanish regions and paediatric cases, is closed. 

Parents with sick children have complained at having to wait outside the La Fossa centre during a heatwave, prompting the PSOE party, in opposition on Calpe council, to describe the situation as “Third World.” 

Although healthcare at the auxiliary centre is covered by Marina Salud, the premises are provided by the town hall, pointed out a PSOE spokesperson. 

“The town hall owns 740 metres of public land in front of the future Calalga building and instead of giving them away, it could have used it for a decent health centre,” he said. 

The spokesperson was referring to the plot of land adjoining the La Fossa, which the local government has ceded “at a price,” the party said, to enable the developers to build a tower block. 


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