Great family day out

Tunnel aquarium: A journey through the oceans. Credit: Almuñecar Aquarium

THE Almuñecar Aquarium combines art, flora and fauna and is a great day out for the family. On arrival at its entrance, you can see an extraordinary mural of 200 square metres that covers its walls and two wrought iron sculptures of a fish and a seahorse.

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On the top floor, visitors can take part in a tour of the ecosystem and marine fauna of the Mediterranean Sea, including the creation of the oceans and the existence of the first marine species from various aquariums around the room.


Federico Salas, biologist and manager of the Aquarium, guides you throughout the journey where each fish tank introduces you to the ocean from the shore to the depths until we reach the open sea.

Different species coexist within this marine universe, ranging from jellyfish, crabs, cromis, blacksmiths, small fish and sharks, among others. “In general, they are all fish from the Mediterranean Sea, except one fish tank that corresponds to fish from tropical waters, where we find ourselves: the clownfish, the yellow-tailed damsel and the green castanet,” adds Salas.

During confinement, new fish have been incorporated into the aquarium, which is still in the adaptation period and are located on the first floor.


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