Altea link to Albacete outbreak

COVID CASES: Friends from Villamalea visited Altea Photo credit: Chisloup

ELEVEN Covid-19 cases in Villamalea (Albacete) are linked to a group of friends who went to a stag do in Altea. 

From initial reports, the virus was not contracted in Marina Baja town although members of the party have since infected relatives. 

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According to Albacete’s Spanish press, Covid-19 is likely to have entered Villamalea during a bull-running event held on August 9 and other activities involving persons not living together.  

Eighteen more Covid-19 cases were confirmed at practically the same in the small town that has a registered population of 4,112. 

These originated in a mushroom-growing firm, with the virus spreading to other employees and their family members. 

So far, tracers have established 148 close contacts with cases that tested positive.  Of these, only 52 lived under the same roof. 

Albacete’s regional Health department has ordered the closure of Villamalea’s social centre, bars, clubs, parks and gardens while suspending visits to care homes and all religious ceremonies. 

Thee Health authorities also announced that they do not rule out locking-down the town if the situation worsens. 


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