Spain – Fear as Figures Rise Again

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The latest COVID figures in Spain have caused fear amongst epidemiologists and residents alike. Over the last three days, Spain has registered a total of 16,269 cases, bringing the total amount of COVID cases in the country to 259,082.

However, in the last 24 hours, the number of new cases registered are 1,833, far less than the 2,987 cases recorded on Friday. The Ministry of Health has also noted a total of 29 deaths since Friday, which brings the total COVID death toll in the country to 28,618.

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The total number of cases over the weekend is rather worrying and many regional governments, such as the Basque Country, have already declared a state of medical emergency. Epidemiologists fear that this is the beginning of a second wave of the virus that will rip through the nation. This weekend the total number of new cases has reached a whopping 16,269, almost double the number of new cases recorded last weekend (8,618).

The number of new cases registered over the weekend can be divided by autonomous communities as follows: Andalucia (1.531), Aragon (1.494), Asturias (76), Balearic Islands (270), Canary Islands (367), Cantabria (189), Castilla La Mancha (339) Castilla y Leon (462), Cataluña (2.720), Ceuta (12), Comunidad Valenciana (715), Extremadura (93), Galicia (430), Madrid (5.392), Melilla (16), Murcia (241), Navarra (312), Basque Country (1.436) and La Rioja (174).

Over the last 24 hours there have been 1,833 new confirmed cases of coronavirus and three autonomous communities have registered over 300 cases, although none have hit the 400 mark. The new cases over the last 24 hours have been registered in: Aragon (389), Basque Country (344), Madrid (324), Andalucia (203), Cataluña (129), Galicia (92), Canary Islands (78), Navarra (60), Cantabria (48), La Rioja (36), Castilla y Leon (29), Extremadura (27), Comunidad Valenciana (21), Asturias (18), Murcia (15), Castilla La Mancha (9), Ceuta (5), Melilla (4) and the Balearic Islands (2)

According to governmental sources, over the last week, there have been 54 deaths, 29 of which have occurred since Friday. Over the last week, 54 deaths have been recorded in Madrid (23), Andalucia (6), Castilla y Leon (6), Galicia (3), Aragon (2), Canary Islands (2), Castilla La Mancha (2), Comunidad Valenciana (2), Extremadura (2), Murcia (2), Navarra (2) Cantabria (1) and Cataluña (1)


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