Nero Premium Vodka – Aiming for excellence

World's first true sipping vodka.

THERE is an exciting new vodka brand taking the UK by storm and lucky for us it has just landed on Spanish shores.

Nero Premium Vodka is a 100 per cent private owned family company with its sights set on becoming the largest in the UK.

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And they are well on their way, having just won two gold medals at the 2020 SIP Awards, a gold medal at the Spirits Business Vodka Masters, a silver at the International Spirits Challenge and many other accolades proving they are the ones to watch.

Nero Drinks Company Ltd. is the brainchild of company CEO Nicola Morrissey, who has dedicated her time to researching this specific market and along with her husband John Morrissey, who fulfils the role of Brand Ambassador by providing credible, trustworthy promotion, they are already on their way to leading the brand to excellence.

Superstar Martini

Nero Vodka is made from potatoes instead of grains, the extra levels of sweetness from the potato starch in Nero’s scent set it apart from the heavy ethanol burden commonly present in grain vodkas.

As for the taste, the Nero Premium Vodka feels creamy on the palate with a very soft and clean flavour profile. On the tongue, it is smooth, almost velvety, as there is little to no burn after drinking.

Mango Cooler

Nero Premium Vodka is sugar and gluten-free which makes it suitable for people who react to glutinous grains. One of the benefits of a potato vodka like Nero Premium is the fewer number of calories consumed when combined with the right mixer. This makes a great option for those on a low-carb diet or a workout routine.

Nero Premium Vodka would like to give our lucky readers the chance to sample the world’s first true sipping vodka and party like an emperor.


All you need to do to be within a chance of winning a Nero Premium Vodka prize is finish this sentence –

“You should drink Nero Vodka because………?”


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