Limbless Woman in Spain’s Costa Blanca Beaten to Death by Treacherous Thieves

EXTORTION: Six arrests have been made. CREDIT: Policía Nacional Twitter @policia

National Police officers have arrested a married couple, as alleged co-perpetrators of a murder of a woman with phocomelia in Benidorm. This treacherous crime is believed to have taken place due to economic reasons.

THE man had worked for the victim in the past, who due to her illness which meant she lacked legs and arms and was in a wheelchair. The detainees allegedly took advantage of their working relationship and friendship with the victim to commit the crime and tried to disguise this as an accident. In addition, they stole cash that the victim kept in a safe.

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The investigation began on June 16 when a friend of the deceased came to the home since the victim had not answered the phone for two days when he entered he found the limbless woman dead on the floor.

At first, the death was ruled as accidental, since the victim, who lived alone, was located in the living room of her house with her electric wheelchair squashing her on her back. However, the injuries she sustained on her skull were not consistent with the way she was found. Therefore, the National Police quickly redirected their investigation.

The victim was a resident in Costa Blanca’s Benidorm since 2019, which made the investigation rather difficult as her social circle was rather limited. Finally, after various interviews, the police found that during May she had hired a man to help her with domestic tasks.

When he was interviewed, he denied knowing anything about her death and explained that he had returned to live with his wife in Lleida. However, the police had footage of them leaving Lleida and returning from Benidorm a day later in different cars. During a search, they found the money as well as the clothes used to commit the crime. They have both been arrested and their fate is at the mercy of the courts in Spain.



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