Hunt for Missing People May be Back on as Human Remains Found in Landfill in Spain

Human Remains: Human remains found in landfill CRedit: Twitter @AcuComm

This afternoon, rescue teams in Spain found human remains, along with textile material, in the Zaldíbar landfill (in the Basque Country). Since February 6, Joaquín Beltran and Alberto Sololuze have been in the area because of the collapse of thousands of tons of waste industrial.

Yesterday afternoon, at a press conference, the Deputy Minister of Security of the Basque Government, Josu Zubiaga, reported that human remains had been discovered. This discovery was made after digging more than 23 metres in the rubble and then moving some 250,000 cubic metres of waste under “very harsh” conditions.

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Zubiaga has noted that the bone they have found is indeed from a human, as determined by the preliminary analysis conducted by the scientific police and forensics on the ground. According to the deputy councillor, there is enough DNA to determine its origin and enough samples to be able to check whether the remains belong to one of the disappeared, in a task that will last “several days.”

Now, the search teams will work from tomorrow “in a more surgical way”, rather than in an “archaeological” manner, meaning it will not employ machinery as large as the one used so far, to find the bodies of the two disappeared men.

Zubiaga has remembered the families of the disappeared during these difficult times. He asks them to have “a little patience” and he has highlighted the work of the search teams for more than six months. “Today this work has finally yielded visible results. It has been determined that it is a human bone,” he said.


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