Croatia and Turkey ‘On the Brink’ of being Added to UK Quarantine List as Coronavirus Cases Surge

Croatia and Turkey could be added to UK quarantine list after spike in coronavirus cases. image: Twitter

Croatia and Turkey could soon be the next countries added to the UK quarantine list as cases in both countries still continue to rise.

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TWO of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations could join France, Greece and Malta on the British government’s list of nations requiring two weeks of self-isolation when they arrive back in the UK as both holiday hotspots have seen a huge spike in coronavirus cases.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has already said the UK government would ‘not hesitate’ to add countries to its ‘red list’ should they surpass the threshold of cases. He said that any country recording above 20 cases per 100,000 people over a seven-day period would trigger the introduction of quarantine measures.

Turkey has recorded its highest daily number of cases since June, with 1,256 positive tests and 21 deaths in the past 24 hours, Croatia recorded 162 new infections on Sunday, which passes the government’s travel quarantine threshold.

Commenting on the recent ‘French quarantine fiasco’ the minister insisted that travellers were aware of the risks of travelling over the summer and dismissed calls for those now unable to return to work to receive compensation. “People this year will have gone away knowing that there was a significant risk, and because of that people will have gone with their eyes open,” he said.



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