Costa del Sol Council Warns Residents and Visitors About Opening Doors to Strangers

Fuengirola Council
Councillor for Social Welfare, Francisco José Martín Credit: Fuengirola Council

THE Fuengirola Council has taken steps to remind residents (and summer visitors) that now is the time that a number of unscrupulous people try to take advantage particularly of the elderly.

It is not allowed for any employee of a utility company to simply arrive unannounced as they are required to contact the property owner by telephone or mail to arrange an appointment.

If someone just turns up at the door, it is more than likely that they are not who they purport to be but are fraudsters looking to either arrange illicit gas installation inspection or who want to get into your home and steal.


If you have any doubts, refuse entry and telephone the Local Police so that they are aware of the existence of potential fraudsters.

Under no circumstances consider paying any unexpected visitor in cash nor reveal any bank details.

If you have a problem in any establishment open to the public, you have a legal right to demand to enter your complaint into a complaints book which every business should possess and you can be assured that the complaint will then be followed up.


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