“We’re Not Scared” Hundreds of Anti-Maskers Manifest in Spain’s Madrid to Protest Against Mandatory Face Masks


TODAY, hundreds of anti-maskers joined forces at the Plaza de Colon in Spain’s Madrid to protest against having to wear face masks. All the protesters were seen not abiding to safety distances or wearing any protective face mask. The singer Miguel Bosé or the anti-vaxxer Josep Pàmies are just two of the prominent public figures in Spain who encouraged citizen participation in this demonstration.

Chants such as, “there is no fear,” “we want to see the virus” and “we are not criminals, we want to breathe” could be heard at the protest. People have been challenging the Covid-19 security measures without keeping their distance and even hugging each other, the repetitive chant of “long live love, long live life, long live freedom” was also heard.

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Faced with the obligation to wear a mask in order to stop the spread of the virus and in the midst of a wave of outbreaks, the protesters complain that this is a “ridiculous” measure and a “curtailment” of their personal freedoms. The pandemic has been described as “farce” and “lie” by several of the attendees.

However, at the entrance to the Plaza de Colón, National Police personnel were deployed to urge the participants to enter with a mask, as prescribed by regulations. “The pandemic does not exist,” one of the participants has assured in statements to Europa Press. He contends that the measures adopted to stifle the coronavirus crisis “are destroying the lives of many people” because they are “disproportionate. The remedy is worse than the disease,” he said to describe the use of the mask as ” ridiculous.”


“The pandemic is a lie. There is no pandemic. Hospitals are empty,” he blurted out, he also added that the media “manipulate people” and that the 2015 flu killed more people than the coronavirus. “I have no fear,” he explains. Another attendee has indicated that this protest is necessary for “the people to wake up” by saying that the Covid-19 crisis is a “farce.”



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