Jet Ski Maniac in Spain’s Melilla Under Investigation for Trying to Run Over Dolphins

Jet Ski Maniac: Sanctioned fro trying to run over dolphins Credit: Shutterstock

A JET ski maniac in Spain’s Melilla is currently under investigation after he was caught trying to run over dolphins in the sea. The Guelaya-Ecologists in Action Association has reported that the jet ski pilot has officially been denounced for trying to run over a group of dolphins that approached the coast of the Spanish city in Northern African waters.

Through a press release, Guelaya stated that “we must issue the breaking news which causes both outrage and shame in equal parts: a man from Melilla was denounced because he was chasing a group of dolphins with his jet ski in the Melilla cove, in front of the marina.”

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According to the association which aims to defend the environment and its inhabitants, “the officer who sanctioned the man on the jet ski observed from the shore how the subject threw the jet ski on them when the dolphins came out to breathe.”

For Guelaya-Ecologists in Action Association, “it is depressing to see how a relatively recent invention gives a single person (with a sufficient degree of folly) the power to cause a great impact on nature.” It is still unclear whether the culprit was a local or a visiting tourist. However, there will be clear consequences because of this irresponsible form of animal abuse.


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