Regional government stocks up at home

ALCOY: A textile city for centuries, now turning to manufacturing PPE Photo credit: Coentor

THE Consell, the regional government’s Cabinet, is allocating €239.4 million for personal protection equipment (PPE). 

This will be used over the next two years to equip medical staff, patients and the general public in the post-emergency period, but also to cope with a possible new wave of infections caused by Covid-19. 

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This includes gowns, aprons, visors, head-coverings, overshoes and masks which, Generalitat sources revealed, will be sourced within the Valencian Community. 

The Consell initiative is specifically directed at the region’s small and medium businesses unable to enter the central government’s contacting scheme for healthcare equipment.   

Many of the region’s firms, especially those from the textile sector based principally in Alcoy, El Comtat and Elche are already manufacturing this equipment. 

Others will re-organistheir activities towards coronavirus-related items, thanks to €4 million in Generalitat grants to re-orientate production. 

In the early days of the pandemic, the regional government had to turn to China for PPE.  Generalitat sources quoted in the Spanish media explained that it would rather rely on the interior market, which is better prepared and can respond more quickly than turn to Asia. 


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