Jet2 to ‘Axe more than 100 pilots’ as Union Talks Collapse

Flights to the Balearics cancelled

Jet2, which has a base in Birmingham, will make 102 pilots redundant across most of its airports, according to the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA).

The pilots union says it put forward various proposals to save jobs, but each one has been turned down.


Jet2 has a crew base at Newcastle International Airport, as well as Edinburgh, Glasgow, London-Stansted, Manchester, Birmingham and its main base, which is based in Leeds-Bradford.

BALPA General Secretary, Brian Strutton, said, quote: “This announcement is yet another which shows the desperate state of the British aviation sector. Despite enormous efforts to work with Jet2 to find ways of saving these jobs, the airline is insisting on 102 redundancies”.

“This will be a particular kick in the teeth as many of those who may lose their jobs have recently joined the airline after having been dismissed from Thomas Cook which went into administration last year”.

“BALPA will be supporting our pilot members in Jet2 and every other airline where they are facing the threat of losing their jobs”.

The union called on the Government to help support the airline industry as the quarantine rules continue to fluctuate. Bosses at the airline said they are ‘greatly distressed’ and ‘deeply regret’ the cuts, but that they are caused ‘entirely by the current situation’.



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