Some Gibraltar Flights Will be Curtailed or Consolidated in the Latter Part of 2020

Gibraltar flights
easyJet at Gibraltar Airport Credit: Gibraltar Government

AFTER a spokesperson for the Gibraltar Social Democrats (the main opposition party on the Rock) said that it was ‘alarmed and concerned’ that both British Airways and easyJet planned to reduce services, the Government quickly responded.

It pointed out that the reductions were due to come in during the winter months and that this was perfectly in line with previous years when there is less demand for flights.

The Government wants to see as many flights to as many destinations as possible but recognises that with the global pandemic airlines are struggling and with so many redundancies and sale of aircraft, it means that the number of planes available will perforce be reduced.


The cancelling and consolidation of flights in the coming months is no different to what the airlines have been doing with their flights to Gibraltar and indeed to airports worldwide during these difficult times.

Vijay Daryanani, Minister for Tourism commented, “The point is that this is a global issue and not a Gibraltar issue. The Government has already demonstrated that it is prepared to do whatever is necessary to ensure the continued air connectivity of Gibraltar with the United Kingdom.


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