Social aid for the young of Nerja

Councillor for Youth, Dani Rivas. Credit: Ayto. de Nerja

THE Councillor for Youth, Daniel Rivas, has reported the call for municipal social emergency aid for young people in a situation of economic vulnerability and or at risk of social exclusion has been published in the Boletín Oficial de la Provincia, for the payment of rent or mortgage.

The councillor points out that this is the call, endowed with €50,000, is a measure that is in addition to those that have been launched from the Town Hall to alleviate the emergency situation faced by young people who have been left without work, or with a reduction in it, so they cannot meet current expenses, such as the payment of rent or the mortgage on the home where they reside.

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Rivas adds that to resolve doubts and fill out the applications, they have the advice of Servicios Sociales Comunitarios and the Oficina de Atención al Ciudadano de Nerja.


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