Massive Drug Smuggling Operation to Sweden Busted by Police in Costa del Sol

Drug smuggling
Some of the seized items Credit: Guardia Civil

WORKING together, officers from the National Police and Guardia Civil have smashed a hugely successful drug cartel working in the Costa del Sol and shipping hashish and other drugs mainly to Sweden.

They have arrested 10 people and seized 714.5 kilograms of hashish, 226.4 of marijuana, 0.463 of powdered amphetamine as well a hundred boxes of ‘medicines’, 13 luxury watches, 14 vehicles and € 136,507 in cash.

This gang has been operating in Estepona and Mijas with their leader living in Benahavis, often observed travelling down gyms in San Pedro Alcantara where at least one major drug deal was allegedly made.


Drugs were smuggled in vehicles with hidden compartments and a Norwegian and several Latvians living in Benalmadena were understood to be holding €135,000 in cash for a drug purchase.

Eventually the ringleader of the gang was arrested with 30 kilograms of hashish and six of marijuana hidden in his vehicle and large amounts of drugs and other illicit items were found in a Benalmadena property.

Police departments in Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, France and Portugal all cooperated in this investigation which was coordinated by EUROPOL.


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