Man Accidentally Falls Into a Ditch and Drives a Steel Pole Through His Arm in Spain’s Costa del Sol

Steel Pole: Unfortunate Fall into Construction Site Credit: Firefighters Malaga

A 34-year-old man on Spain’s Costa del Sol has been rescued after accidentally falling into a ditch and driving a steel pole through his arm. The man fell into a construction site ditch at around 11.45pm in Malaga City.

According to the 112 Emergency service, the man called asking for help and a rescue team was dispatched to the Avenida Postas in the capital of the province. Given that the man had driven a large steel pole through his arm, he was unable to climb out of the ditch. He was quite literally nailed to the ground with an iron pole and thankfully he had his phone to call for help.

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Immediately the coordinator from the emergency services called the Malaga firefighters, the Public Health Emergency Company, the National Police and the Local Police, all of who travelled to the construction site to offer their help.

According to police sources, the man had accidentally fallen with the gravel of the construction site. The firefighters had to cut the steel pole and evacuate the wounded man, who still had the pole stuck through his arm. The ambulance quickly transported him to the Regional Hospital in Malaga where he is now recovering.









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