Drunken Mask-Flouter in Spain’s Costa Blanca Tries to Run Over Policeman for Fining Him

Credit: Policia Nacional

Yesterday morning, the Local Police of Valencia arrested a drunken 59-year-old man who tried to run over a policeman whilst he was issuing the man a fine for not wearing his mask on the public road.

The aggressor got into his car and tried to run away from the officer. The policeman tried to halt him, but the man carried on and tried to run the officer over with his car. The mask-flouter was given a breathalyser test for which he tested positive.

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According to police sources in Costa Blanca, the detainee was exhibiting an “aggressive attitude” at all times and by trying to “dangerously flee the scene at a high speed” he has put numerous “third parties in danger.”

During the chase, in which the driver did not respect any traffic lights and was circulating in the opposite direction, he was finally intercepted at the junction of Los Leones and Ramiro de Maeztu streets in the Valencian capital.

Mask flouters have been causing a ruckus in many different ways. Only recently a man in Murcia was arrested for spitting in an officer’s face. Another mask flouter who refused to put the mask once the flight landed, was escorted off of the aircraft by the police.


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