Croatian Fugitive Gets Taken Down as Soon as He Steps Foot on Spain’s Costa del Sol

FUGITIVE CAUGHT: Malaga-Costa del Sol airport Credit: shutterstock

A Croatian fugitive, who is 28 years of age, was taken down as soon as he stepped foot in Spain’s Costa del Sol airport on Wednesday night. The Serbian authorities issued an International Detention Order for the Croatian national as he had committed a serious traffic accident which resulted in the death of a person.

The fugitive was arrested in the airport after coming to the Costa del Sol from a flight in the United Kingdom. The flight came from London and landed in Malaga at around 9.30pm on Wednesday night. As soon as he landed at the airfield and stepped off the plane, the authorities were waiting to arrest him. They identified the fugitive thanks to a valid International Detention Order which had been decreed by Interpol in Serbia.

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As reported in the judicial inquiry, the Croatian fugitive had a traffic accident in Serbia in 2016 and he has been on the run ever since. The National Police have also specified that a man who sustained injuries from this accident has died. Therefore, Serbia wants to extradite this man and bring him to justice. After years of living on the run, the Interpol issued an arrest warrant and has brought a sense of justice to the family of the deceased.



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