Aid granted to the Environment sector of Orihuela to enable better diptera control measures

diptera aid
FLYING AID: Grant given to stop diptera problem. CREDIT: Łukasz Nieścioruk/ Unsplash

The Councillor for the Environment, Dámaso Aparicio, has announced the municipality of Orihuela has been granted nearly €20,000 in diptera aid.

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COUNCILLOR Aparicio reported, “it is the first time that the Alicante Provincial Council has granted such aid to municipalities with more than 20,000 residents, which is why it is the first time that Orihuela has been able to apply for these subsidies.”

The aid for the dipteran control measures was awarded to the company CTL Sanidad Ambiental, who will receive the total subsidy of €18,730 from the Diputación de Alicante, with the money given to be used for the control and extinction of diptera.

The works represent a total expense for the department of around €70,000 and will “allow to provide a better service in the municipality,” explained the Mayor of Orihuela.

The range of actions to be provided by this service will include control of those areas, or foci, where a plague or excessive accumulation of dipterans is developing, and stop diptera spreading.

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