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1592 – First sighting

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The first sighting of the Falkland Islands was made by John Davis.

1769 – Emperor

Napoleon Bonaparte is born in Ajaccio on the island of Corsica. The French statesman was crowned emperor in 1804 in a controversial ceremony at Notre Dame.

1896 – Gold rush

Gold first discovered in Klondike, found at Bonanza Creek, Alaska by George Carmack.

1903 – Top prize

Joe Pulitzer donates $1 million to Columbia University and begins the Pulitzer Prizes in America.

1926 – Fidel Castro

The former President of Cuba, Fidel Castro Ruz was born in the small town of Birán, in the province of Holguín (Cuba).

1945 – V-J Day

Japan surrenders unconditionally to end WW II (also August 15 depending on time zone).

1947 – Independent

Pakistan gains independence from Great Britain.

1961 – The people of Berlin woke up to find that overnight, the GDR military forces had erected a 1.8 m barbed wire barrier along the entire border of the communist sector of the city.

1969 – Operation Banner

British Army deploys on the streets of Northern Ireland, marking the beginning of Operation Banner.

1977 – The ‘King’ Dies

Elvis Presley died of a heart attack aged just 42 at Graceland, his Memphis Tennessee residence.

1995 – Battle of Brit Pop

Rival bands Oasis (Roll with It) and Blur (Country House) release singles on the same day.

1998 – Omagh Bombing

The worst terrorist incident of the troubles in Northern Ireland, kills 29 people and injures about 220.


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