The future is beautiful

Perfecting your personalised look has never been easier

THE whizz kids who make technology happen are using their powers to help change the future of beauty. We put together a list of a few free beauty apps on the market, from skin analysis to barcode ingredient scanners. Check out the beauty apps you’ll probably want to start downloading now.

Plum Perfect


Now this really is clever. Take a selfie and upload it to the app. Plum Perfect will analyse your complexion and create the perfect signature colour for your lips, eyes, face and hair. It then shows you a number of options for your personalised colour palette.


A beauty queens social media platform. This app allows users to share and learn tips, tutorials and reviews from across the globe. No matter the look you’re after, this app has a tutorial for you.

Think Dirty

Ingredient labels can be tricky if you’re not a chemist. Think Dirty cleans up all the nonsense. Simply scan the barcode of any product and Think Dirty will analyse the safety of every ingredient in a way that’s understandable without the need for a degree in alchemy.

Perfecting your personalised look has never been easier

Credit – Twitter


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