Storm Set to Shake Up Spain Once Again as The Summer of 2020 is the Most Unpredictable to Date

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A STORM is set to shake up Spain once again in what must be the most atypical summer to date. The numerous heatwaves followed by storms and combined with the health crisis and lack of tourists has made the summer of 2020 one of the most unpredictable summers Spain has ever experienced.

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) predicts storms and heavy showers for this Thursday in the eastern end of the Cantabrian Sea, Navarra, western Pyrenees and northeast of Catalonia, as well as intervals of strong wind in the northeast of the Canary Islands. The agency anticipates the arrival of another storm DANA, such as the one that already set foot in Spain earlier this week. However, it will do so gradually.

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Clear skies will predominate in most of the country, although intervals of cloudiness will form in the rest of the northeast peninsula, with scattered showers and storms in the mountainous and surrounding areas.

In the north of Galicia and the western Cantabria, the sky will be cloudy at the beginning of the day with some isolated rain that should subside later on. There will also be cloudy intervals in the north of the Canary archipelago.

However, according to forecasts, the storm will mainly be restricted to the north of Spain where it will also be colder than the average temperatures typically characteristic of August. Temperatures will be especially low on Sunday.


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