Parents Associations on the Costa del Sol Have Serious Worries about Return to School

Return to school
How safe are these children? Credit: Aglet flickr

MORE than 100 representatives of parent’s associations from Manilva to Malaga along the coast as well as a number ‘up country’ have expressed their fears for the return to school in a 1,800 word open letter.

They blame officials from Malaga Province and local councils for leaving them in the dark as to the protocols to be introduced in order to ensure that their children will be safe and argue that not a single clear measure has been taken to begin the next school year to reduce the risk of a pandemic spike in schools.

One of the most important problems in their view that there has been no indication of any decrease in classroom size and placing 25 to 28 students in primary 30 to 35 in secondary and high school, for five hours a day and five days a week, is negligent.


Another problem is the recruitment of new teachers which means that children will come into contact with more adults rather than having single teachers presenting a number of different disciplines, thus increasing the risk although this could be mitigated with smaller class sizes.

There is a long list of questions that are posed and those who are interested should visit the special site which lists all of the demands.

Finally, the communication reminds those in public office that they have ethical, administrative, civil and even criminal responsibility if they place children and adult support staff at risk.


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