Gorgos embankment repaired in Javea

RIVERSIDE WALK: Jose Chulvi, Javea mayor and Amjasa president, inspects the repairs Photo credit: Javea town hall

AMJASA, Javea’s municipal water company, has replaced water pipes and a retaining wall beside the Gorgos river. 

The road there, which had been closed to vehicles for some years, is open to traffic once more, Amjasa announced. 

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The repairs, which cost €121,539, provide more protection for a key section of the domestic network, as the pipeline carries water from the desalination plant to the town. 

The Gorgos frequently floods during heavy rain and this part of the river had needed attention since 2007 when the embankment collapsed, Amjasa explained. 

Storm Gloria, which hit the Marina Alta last January, did so much damage that the water pipes were exposed but these have been covered over with 45 metres of retaining wall that has also made the road safe for pedestrians and traffic once more. 



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